Peter Bennett Photography at Bamfords Mill Shop

Peter Bennett Photography will be in attendance at Bamfords Globe Mill Shop on Sunday 5th January 2020,  10.00am -1.00pm

Peter has already some commissioned work for the North West Grand National on that day, but if you have any birds you would like photographed, please call 07909 524572 to book a slot with Peter.

The Bamfords Gold Ring Secretary, Diane Bonney, will also be on site with rings for sale.  For fanciers buying rings on this day, each will receive a £5.00 voucher to spend in the Shop, redeemable on sales of over £50.00.

The Mill Shop are now able to dispense pigeon paramyxovirus vaccine. Our SQP, Louise Johnson, will be on hand to administer advice on this.

There will be more offers on feed, supplements and accessories on the day.

Peter Bennett Photography at Bamfords Mill Shop