Basic Maintenance

Basic Maintenance is a standard mix suitable for birds at rest, and for maintaining general condition year round. The mixture contains a good level of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, without providing too much unnecessary energy. Basic Maintenance can also be used as a base feed.

Available in 20kg sacks

Wheat, Screenings, Barley, Roundberry Maize, Blue Peas, Red Dari, White Peas.

Feed as required year round, including the resting season

Basic Moulting

Basic Moulting is specially designed to help your birds through the critical moult period, enabling them to cope with the rigors of the breeding and racing seasons that follow. We have carefully selected a variety of cereals, proteins and oil rich seeds which together promote a smooth regeneration of the finest quality feathering for your birds.

Available in 20kg sacks

Wheat, Roundberry Maize, Barley, Screenings, Blue Peas, Red Dari, White Peas, Linseed, White Dari.

Feed as required during the moulting season

Basic Mixtures