Pepe Pollo

Owner: Rick (Graphics)
Breed: Cat
Age: 3
Interesting Fact: Pepe is scared of heights, and has had to be rescued from the roof on a number of occasions
Favourite Toy: Pepe is not quite as excitable as his sister and prefers the comfort of his many beds to actual toys

Penelope Pancake

Owner: Rick (Graphics)
Breed: Cat
Age: 3
Interesting Fact: Penelope has learned a very good trick were she now jumps up for hugs on demand
Favourite Toy: Penelope loves the green mouse she has had from being a kitten… it’s has been sewn back together many times


Owner: Lucy (Shop/Administration)
Breed: Jack Russell x Pomeranian
Age: 1
Interesting Fact: Hugo was re-homed as a pup, timid and shy. Now he’s full of confidence and loves cuddles!
Favourite Toy: Rope Pull and his mum’s shoes!


Owner: Paul (Shop)
Breed: Dalmation
Age: 7
Interesting Fact: Archie has 3 spots that look like Mickey Mouse. He hates puddles!
Favourite Toy: Squeaky Snowman (that no longer squeaks!)


Owner: Bamfords
Breed: Ginger Cat
Age: unknown
Interesting Fact: Garfield appeared in the mill one day as a young, frightened, skinny cat, he decided he liked the food and the company and has been here ever since. Now he waits outside the shop for customers to give him attention.
Favourite Toy: Toy mice (and real ones too!)


Owner: Steve (Shop/Warehouse)
Breed: Lion Rabbit
Age: 3
Interesting Fact: Pedro has a mane like a lion. He’s still working on his roar.
Favourite Treat: Giant Carrots


Owner: Dave (Sales Team)
Breed: Beagle
Age: 7
Interesting Fact: Kenny loves playing hide and seek with his toys and treats, and learning new tricks with Dave’s children.
Favourite Toy: Squeaky bone


Owner: Leah (Customer Service Manager/SQP)
Breed: Jack Russell
Age: 10
Interesting Fact: Tinker fancies himself as a dancer, and loves an audience to watch!
Favourite Toy: Meerkat teddy


Owner: Lucy (Shop/Administration)
Breed: Welsh Section D
Age: 8
Interesting Fact: Doogle thinks he’s a Valegro when we ride and loves a canter across the stubble fields.
Favourite Treat: Anything Apple flavoured & Carrots


Owner: Pauline (Office Manager)
Breed: Highland Foal
Age: born April 2015
Interesting Fact: Blair is a bossy boots in the field with the others, and likes to be contraire, running away from people as they get close!
Favourite Toy: Mummy’s tail and buckets!


Owner: Marc (Warehouse Manager)
Breed: Whippet
Age: 4
Interesting Fact: Cindy is a princess, and refuses to get her feet wet! She also loves cuddles and attention.
Favourite Toy: Football


Owner: Nic (Warehouse Order Picker)
Breed: Border Collie
Age: 5
Interesting Fact: Skye is very successful with her Fly Ball team, winning many competitions. She’s teaching her sisters, Meg & Luna, how to do it too.
Favourite Toy: Knotted rope for tugs of war


Owner: Steve (Warehouse)
Breed: French Chartreux
Age: 11
Interesting Fact: Mia doesn’t let a thing like age stop her, and still loves chasing lazer-pen lights around the house like a kitten!
Favourite Toy: Toy mice on a string


Owner: Philip Bamford (Managing Director)
Breed: Moggie
Age: 3
Interesting Fact: Ringo gets his name from the white band around his tail. He loves winding up the horses in the field by playing in the bushes.
Favourite Toy: Live mice!


Owner: Philip Bamford (Managing Director)
Breed: Thoroughbred
Age: 11
Interesting Fact: Hispalis has produced foals that have been very successful on the racetrack. She is very sweet and loves a scratch on her shoulder and cuddles.
Favourite Treat: Carrots & Polos


Owner: Dave (IT Supervisor)
Breed: Border Collie
Age: 5 Favourite Toy: Anything that squeeks
Interesting/Funny Fact: She chases the big birds off the bird table so the small birds can get at the food.
She came first for prettiest bitch and second for dog the judge would like to take home at Mottram Show 2015


Owner: Tony (Company Sales Manager)
Breed: Cavalier King Charles
Age: 8 years
Funny Facts: Macey must have been a sniffer dog in a previous life, her nose can detect food from a 100 yards! She likes to dress up at Christmas and enjoys watching coronation street with the family.
Favourite Toy: Squeaky chicken.


Owner: Nic (Warehouse Order Picker)
Breed: Border Collie
Age: 2
Funny Facts: Luna loves flyball too – especially when she gets her cocktail sausage treat at the end
Favourite Toy: Squeaky ball


Owner: Nic (Warehouse Order Picker)
Breed: Border Collie
Age: 3
Funny Facts: Meg prefers to relax and lie in the sun all day – unlike her sisters!
Favourite Toy: Knotted rope toy for tugs of war


Owner: Christian (Southern Sales)
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Age: 1
Interesting Fact: Logan is a new addition to the family and has a very interesting talent – dancing on his back legs.


Owner: Christian (Southern Sales)
Breed: Maine Coone
Age: 2
Interesting Fact: Merlin has a very bad habit of swimming in the water bowls and has been known to accidently join you in the bath, his obsession for water can get him into bother!