The range of products offered by Bamford’s have been carefully sourced and selected over the years to meet all animal nutrition, health, and comfort requirements. We proudly supply a large variety of feed, bedding, grooming, clothing, toys and treats, making us a truly “one stop supplier for all your pet and wildlife essentials”. Particularly popular and increasingly successful with retailers are Bamford’s own manufactured brands of Top Flight Pigeon feeds, Small Animal and Wild Bird foods, all available in bulk, sack and handy pre-packed sizes.

We make a conscious effort to care for the environment throughout our operations. We take full responsibility for the impact our business has on the community and wildlife around us. We recycle as much as possible from cardboard, paper, plastic and even printer cartridges. We now recycle over 80% of our waste both on and off site and our target is 95% by 2017. Interestingly, our green waste and manufacturing by-product waste is used in anaerobic digestion processes, where our organic waste is broken down to produce biogas and bio fertiliser.

Our philosophy at Bamford’s is simply to provide the best possible service to all our customers all of the time. We are a closely knit team whose overall aim and commitment is to delight all our customers with fantastic quality products.

The Bamford’s logistics team have been serving our customers for many years, leading to well established relationships, knowledge and understanding of their needs.